The ONLY GVP Initiative in the Country on the 2018 Ballot


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I-1639 was the most comprehensive gun law ever put forward in Washington State. It passed with nearly 60% of the vote. The main components of the Initiative are:

    • Raise the age to purchase semi-automatic assault rifles to 21.
    • Create an enhanced background check for semi-automatic assault rifles, similar to what is required for handguns. This includes a local law enforcement check of the most up-to-date local court, criminal, and mental health records; a 10-day waiting period; and the completion of a firearm safety training course within the last five years.
    • Create standards for Safe Storage. These standards hold gun owners accountable if a child or other prohibited person accesses and uses an unsecurely stored firearm to hurt themselves or someone else.

The citizen sponsor of I-1639 was Paul Kramer, whose son Will was shot by a 19 year-old with an AR-15 in Mukilteo in 2016. Will survived but three of his friends died that day.

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