Town Halls

Every year, legislators hold town hall meetings in their community to hear from their constituents. These meetings are your opportunity to hear from your legislators in your community – and to hold them accountable for fighting for gun responsibility bills that save lives.

Follow these steps to make your next town hall a success!

Step 1: Find a Town Hall

Our friends at Indivisble have a great tool for finding an event near you.

Step 2: Make the Most of It

Make sure that your legislator (or their staff) knows that you are an active constituent and you VOTE! Other tips include:

  • Arrive early or stay late to pull each legislator aside and talk to them one-on-one about the importance of gun responsibility.
  • When Q&A begins, run to the microphone to be first in line.
  • If questions are submitted by paper, make sure everyone with you submits a question, increasing the chances of it being addressed.

Step 3: Let us Know How it Went!

Email Maureen so we know how your legislator stands on the issues.