2021 Legislative Scorecard

Our seventh annual scorecard is here! In 2015, the Alliance began grading Washington state legislators on their support for gun violence prevention. The scorecard measures each legislator’s commitment to reducing the number of gun deaths and injuries in Washington state as demonstrated by their votes, sponsorships, and advocacy.

Check out the scorecard to see how your legislators did.

We’ve made tremendous strides in Olympia and it shows! Yet again, a record number of legislators received A++ and A+ ratings. These champions sponsored and voted for our priority bills and supported community advocacy efforts. They’re the reason we saw 10 significant public safety laws passed last session.

Unfortunately, for the third year in a row, the legislature failed to pass a bill to restrict access to high-capacity magazines. This disappointing failure, along with the continued opposition of gun lobby legislators, is reflected in a record number of F grades on this year’s scorecard.