August 20, 2021 Blog

Commonsense Conversations Episode 7: Primary Recap

Alliance team members Renee, Dylan, and Stephanie are back by popular demand with another episode of Commonsense Conversations! For this episode, the CEO, PAC director, and Political & Government Affairs Manager came together once again to discuss the 2021 primary election results. Gun violence prevention proved to be a top issue for voters as 53 Alliance endorsed candidates advanced to the general election. 

Overall, the election results were in line with the Alliance’s expectations. Six years ago it was difficult to get candidates to run on a platform supporting gun violence prevention. Now, our endorsed candidates are proudly sharing their commitments to ending gun violence. As noted in this episode, voters are showing their desire for courageous leaders that are not afraid to address the gun violence epidemic. The primary results prove that voters want leaders with a comprehensive understanding of the root causes of gun violence and plans to address them other than policing.  

Watch this episode to hear key takeaways from the primary election.


Check out the list of our endorsed candidates here. More episodes of Commonsense Conversations are coming soon as we continue our work into the general election! In the meantime, you can find all our past episodes here.

Brad Blackburn is an intern with the Alliance.