Commonsense Conversations

Welcome to our new video series: Commonsense Conversations with the Alliance! Our CEO Renee Hopkins will be joined by our partners, legislative leaders, issue experts, and community members to talk about gun violence and the work being done to prevent it. Check back here for all episodes and be sure to sign up for our email list and like us on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss future ones!

Episode 1

Renee speaks with Sen. Jamie Pedersen and Rep. Drew Hansen about the upcoming virtual session and the attack on the Capitol (audio only available here). January 7, 2021

Episode 2

Renee speaks with Sen. Patty Kuderer and Rep. Tana Senn about legislation to reject armed intimidation and limit open carry (audio only available here). January 21, 2021

Episode 3

Renee speaks with Rep. Javier Valdez and Sen. Marko Liias who are leading the fight in the Washington State Legislature to restrict access to high-capacity magazines. (audio only available here). January 28, 2021

Episode 4

Renee speaks with Sen. Manka Dhingra about the Office of Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention. (audio only available here). March 18, 2021

Episode 5

Renee speaks with Rep. Jesse Johnson about police accountability work in the 2021 legislative session. (audio only available here). March 23, 2021