2021 Endorsements

The Victory Fund’s goal is to elect local leaders at every level of government who are committed to taking a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to gun violence prevention. Forty-four endorsed candidates won their seat in the general election!

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Use the search box below to find endorsed gun violence prevention champions. You can search by name, position, or district. Candidates that begin with “*” won their race.


Kate Akyuz
Mercer Island City Council

Kate Akyuz has a deep understanding of how public health issues intersect and will no doubt be a champion for gun violence prevention policies and programs on the Mercer Island City Council.

* Rami Al-Kabra
Bothell City Council Position 7

Rami has been working on anti-racist education and activism in his communities for as long as he can remember. We are excited to support him in raising up and centering those who are most impacted by gun violence.

* Jenne Alderks
Bothell City Council Position 3

The Alliance is proud to support Jenne in her race for the Bothell City Council. As a leader in DEI work, we look forward to partnering with her in forwarding GVP policies via an equity lens.

* Jeralee Anderson
Redmond City Council Position 6

Jeralee Anderson has been a strong advocate for her community. Her commitment to ensuring transparency and accountability from law enforcement will keep all Redmond families safe.

* Jane Aras
Bellevue School Board Position 5

Jane's passion for public education surrounding gun violence prevention will be an asset to the Bellevue School Board. We look forward to partnering with her in communicating with families about what they can do to mitigate risk.

* Jay Arnold
Kirkland City Council Position 1

Jay Arnold has proven to be a strong advocate for police reform and gun violence prevention. He is also a dedicated advocate for applying an equity analysis to policy priorities, something we whole-heartedly agree with!

Anne Artman
Tacoma City Council District 5

Anne Artman is a dedicated community leader. Her experience in community and behavioral health are exactly what is needed right now in Tacoma. The Alliance for Gun Responsibility is thrilled to be backing such a champion for people and gun violence prevention.

Greg Baruso
Federal Way City Council Position 2

Greg Baruso has spent his career working to ensure safe and thriving communities in Federal Way. As a city councilmember, he will continue to be an active partner in the fight for a safer, more just future.

Dawn Bennett
Kent Mayor

Dawn Bennett is an experienced community leader who has clear values for a safer Kent focused on sustainable support for community-based violence intervention and interruption programming. The Alliance Victory Fund is proud to endorse Dawn for Mayor of Kent!

* Neal Black
Kirkland City Council District 5

Through his volunteer work, thoughtful engagement with potential policy solutions, and help leading local efforts in Kirkland, Councilmember Neal Black has demonstrated what GVP championship looks like and what can be done at the city level to stop gun violence.

* Elizabeth Bonbright
Tacoma School Board District 5

Elizabeth Bonbright is a systems thinker that has already made an impact on the school board and it's regional priorities for Tacoma's kids. We applaud Elizabeth's passion for this position and will continue to support her efforts to make Tacoma schools safe and equitable.

Dexter Borbe
Bellevue City Council Position 2

Dexter Borbe is bringing not only his strategic know-how to the Bellevue City Council, but also his steadfast commitment to minority immigrant communities. We look forward to working with him on forwarding GVP at the municipal level.

Stephanie Bowman
Seattle/King County Port Commission Position 3

Stephanie Bowman has already demonstrated that gun violence prevention is a priority. Stephanie has a deep understanding of and commitment to keeping the Port of Seattle safe for travelers, residents and employees.

* Barry Buchanan
Whatcom County Council At-Large Position A

Barry Buchanan has proven to be a strong advocate for Whatcom families. He is dedicated to creating a public safety system that serves all people. He is our pick for Whatcom County Council.

* Dow Constantine
King County Executive

Dow Constantine has advanced every GVP policy priority the Alliance has brought to him and continues to work closely with us in developing the future of gun violence prevention at the county level.

Leandra Craft
Federal Way City Council Position 5

Given her time serving as a Deputy Prosecutor for King County, Leandra Craft is ready to bring her experience working on alternatives to incarceration to the Federal Way City Council. We look forward to her continued GVP advocacy.

Alicia Crank
Edmonds City Council District 1

Alicia Crank is dedicated to ending gun violence in all its forms and investing in solutions to build strong, thriving communities. She will bring years of community experience and a dedication to gun responsibility to the Edmonds City Council.

* Kiara Daniels
Tacoma City Council District 6

Kiara Daniels is dedicated to ensuring that all Tacomans voices are heard. She brings invaluable experience with violence intervention programs and on the community police commission to the fight to end gun violence.

* Janice Deccio
Yakima City Council Position 4

Janice Deccio is committed to advancing upstream solutions to gun violence like affordable housing and to working with law enforcement to keep Yakima families safe. She is our pick for Yakima City Council.

Bárbara del Mar Robles
Ellensburg City Council Position 3

Bárbara's expertise as an advocate for victims of domestic violence makes her an extremely strong candidate for Ellensburg City Council. She will undoubtedly continue to center those voices in her new role as councilor.

* Rod Dembowski
King County Council District 1

Rod Dembowski has proven himself to be a gun responsibility champion in his time on the King County Council by advocating for ERPO implementation, taxes on guns & ammunition, and reforms to the county Sheriff''s office. We look forward to continuing to work with him to keep moving the needle forward!

* Todd Donovan
Whatcom County Council District 2

Todd Donovan's commitment to alternatives to incarceration as a public safety strategy make him our choice for re-election to the county council. The Alliance looks forward to a closer partnership with Donovan to support his work investing Whatcom County's thriving communities.

Brandy Donaghy
Snohomish County Council District 5

Brandy Donaghy is a champion for building resilient communities, including supporting investments in upstream supports that can prevent the epidemic of gun violence. She will be a thoughtful new leader on the Snohomish County Council.

* Mohamed Egal
SeaTac City Council Position 4

Mohamed Egal has dedicated his career to serving his community. His social work background will make him a valuable voice on SeaTac City Council.

* Jim Ferrell
Federal Way Mayor

Jim Ferrell is committed to working with the Alliance to prioritize gun safety policy implementation in Federal Way and to center community in the future of public safety.

* Mary Fosse
Everett City Council Position 1

A dedicated community servant, Mary Fosse has the necessary experience to really shake things up on the Everett City Council. We are glad to see her focus on gun violence and public safety, and look forward to working with her when she joins the council.

Adrienne Fraley-Monillas
Edmonds City Council District 3

As a city councilmember, Adrienne Fraley-Monillas has shown dedication to the fight to end gun violence, working with the mayor on Edmonds' safe storage initiative. We are confident she will continue to be an active partner in keeping our communities safe.

* Cassie Franklin
Everett Mayor

Mayor Franklin has been a great partner in preventing gun violence in Everett, and we at the Alliance look forward to her continued leadership.

* Kaylee Galloway
Whatcom County County Council District 1

Kaylee Galloway's extensive government experience would make her a valuable member of the Whatcom County Council. She understands the importance of effective implementation of gun safety laws and would be a strong ally in the fight to end gun violence.

* Toshiko Grace Hasegawa
Seattle/King County Port Commission Position 4

Toshiko is a dedicated advocate for community oversight and accountability. We're excited about the deep understanding of the complexities of the Seattle Port and trust she will be an effective steward of community priorities to reduce preventable gun violence.

Jennifer Gregerson
Mukilteo Mayor

There are few city leaders who understand the importance of gun responsibility policies like Jennifer Gregerson. She has been a vocal advocate in keeping firearms out of the hands of those intent on causing harm. We look forward to her continued championship in Mukilteo.

* Iris Guzman
SeaTac Position 6

SeaTac deserves the kind of thoughtful and community-centered leadership that Iris Guzman is pledging to bring to council. We believe Guzman has the professional experience and tenacity to strengthen SeaTac's approach to gun violence prevention.

Bill Hanawalt
Tacoma School Board District 5

As a community mentor, Bill Hanawalt has a lens into community that is important for keeping Tacoma students safe in and out of the classroom.

* Brandon K. Hersey
Seattle School Board D7

Brandon Hersey is the right choice for our kids' safety at school. He thinks about community safety in a holistic and systemic way.

Kelly Krieger
Port Commission District 2

We are excited to collaborate with Kelly as she leans into violence prevention as a port commissioner and works to raise GVP in intersecting policy spaces.

Ruth Lipscomb
Bellevue City Council Position 4

Ruth is a talented and tireless advocate who has shown publicly her values and commitment to a more equitable and safe Bellevue. We're excited to support this champion for gun violence prevention on the Bellevue council.

* Kristina Martens
Bellingham City Council District 7

Kristina Martens understands that gun violence is a complex challenge and comes in many forms. Her experience as a community organizer and commitment to racial justice make her the right pick for Bellingham City Council.

Krystal Marx
Burien City Council Position 7

Krystal Marx is a gun responsibility champion, advocating for ERPOs and other gun violence prevention solutions in Burien and across King County. We look forward to her continued leadership!

* Chelsea McElroy
Tacoma School Board Position 4

Chelsea McElroy has the ideas and energy to bring resources and equity to all of Tacoma's students. She is a leader in her community and in her work with children and youth. The Alliance for Gun Responsibility is proud to endorse such a champion for our kids.

* Sarah Moore
Burien City Council Position 5

We need more voices like Sarah Moore's in city government—voices with a strong focus on inequity, especially in the future of municipal public safety. We are excited for Sarah to join the Burien City Council and get GVP moving forward!

* Teresa Mosqueda
Seattle City Council at large Position 8

Teresa Mosqueda is a true champion for Seattle families. She has been an important and critical voice in support of making the investments our partners in community need to continue delivering life-saving program work.

* Salim Nice
Mercer Island City Council Position 2

Councilmember Nice has already worked tirelessly to advance public safety in Mercer Island. We are pleased to continue to support his work in advancing GVP as the public health issue it really is.

Nikkita Oliver
Seattle City Council D9

Nikkita has dedicated their work in Seattle to anti-violence, community building work and has proven an invaluable community leader. They have a clear commitment to a public health approach for violence reduction that is rooted in addressing systemic inequities and advancing solutions that are accessible and culturally responsive.

Shukri Olow
King County Council District 5

Shukri Olow is the kind of dynamic and innovative thinker King County deserves. As a leader in community we trust Shukri to work on behalf of community-centered approaches to reducing gun violence and will support communities accessing existing tools and programs to reduce gun violence. The Alliance Victory Fund is proud to endorse Shukri for King County Council.

* Dontae Payne
Olympia City Council Position 6

Dontae Payne's experience in the military and in state government make him the right choice for Olympia City Council. He will be a valuable voice and strong advocate in the fight to end gun violence in all its forms.

* Sarah Perry
King County Council District 3

Sarah Perry is a committed community organizer, and we trust that, once in office, she will continue to prioritize gun violence prevention work to keep all our communities safe in King County.

* Carmen Rivera
Renton City Council Position 2

As a committed researcher, Carmen Rivera will bring a data-driven and community-centered approach to reducing gun violence. We are excited to support this brilliant candidate for office in Renton.

* Christopher Roberts
Shoreline City Council Position 7

Christopher Roberts is working to build a stronger Shoreline that leads on gun violence prevention. We are pleased to endorse his candidacy.

Paul Roberts
Everett City Council Position 1

With four decades of successful leadership on public health issues, Paul Roberts will continue to bring an activist's perspective to GVP at the municipal level.

* Lynne Robinson
Bellevue City Council Position 6

Mayor Robinson has been a strong voice for public safety in Bellevue, and stands ready to do the hard work of implementing GVP priorities including police accountability legislation when she is re-elected in November.

* Sarah Rumbaugh
Tacoma City Council District 2

Sarah Rumbaugh knows that passing stronger gun laws is only one part of keeping our communities safe. Her dedication to improving implementation and accessibility of public safety laws makes her our pick for Tacoma City Council.

* Don Schwab
Everett City Council Position 3

The Alliance stands ready to support Don in implementing police accountability legislation with the Everett City Council. Don's collaborative nature will serve the citizens of Everett in making sure their community is as safe as can be.

Renae Seam
Federal Way City Council Position 6

A firearm owner herself, Renae knows how important responsible ownership is and seeks to bring that knowledge to the Federal Way City Council. The Alliance looks forward to partnering with Renae in implementing increased police accountability measures and bringing transparency to the process.

Naghmana Sherazi
Spokane City Council D1

Naghmana Sherazi has proved her commitment to thriving communities and a safe Spokane for all of our families.

* Joyce Shui
Bellevue School Board Position 3

Joyce Shui understands that school board members have a critical role to play in the fight to prevent gun violence. Her personal and professional experience will make her a strong advocate for Bellevue students and families.

* Jacob Simpson
Seatac City Council Position 3

Jake Simpson is a committed community organizer with a passion for connecting individuals and families with the resources to thrive. We applaud his work in building livable communities and are excited to partner with him on efforts to prevent gun violence in SeaTac.

Eve Smason-Marcus
Bellingham City Council Position 6

Eve Smason-Marcus is a dedicated grassroots organizer focused on centering the voices and perspectives of those most impacted by gun violence in the future of Bellingham's public safety work.

* Vivian Song Maritz
Seattle School Board D4

Vivian Song Maritz is a thoughtful and deliberate mom and advocate. The Seattle School Board would be well served by her professional experience and personal commitment to improving equity and outcomes in Seattle Schools.

* Melissa Stuart
Redmond City Council Position 4

Melissa Stuart is committed to fighting for safer, more inclusive communities and to creating transparent and responsive local government. She is our pick for Redmond City Council.

* Penny Sweet
Kirkland City Council Position 3

Mayor Penny Sweet is a committed partner in the fight against gun violence. Her leadership in Kirkland is a model for the county and state, and we applaud the efforts she has already made to be a voice for commonsense and responsibility. Thank you Mayor Sweet for your leadership!

Joe Todd
Renton City Council Position 1

Joe Todd's commitment to creating a Renton that serves all of its residents is inspired. He has what it takes to improve the lived experiences and conditions that create and perpetuate violence.

* Han Tran
Bothell City Council Position 1

Han has a clear vision for the future of the Bothell City Council, and we at the Alliance are ready to get going on implementing GVP and police accountability legislation at the city level.

* Catherine Ushka
Tacoma City Council District 4

On Tacoma City Council and as a Board member of Tacoma Pierce County Health Department, Catherine Ushka has prioritized violence prevention, research, and action. We trust Ushka to continue in this tradition on Tacoma City Council.

Kim-Khanh Van
King County Council District 9

Kim-Khanh Van has an important voice and lived experience that, if elected, would allow the King County Council to better serve all of our communities. We believe Kim has the commitment and passion to serve us well.

* Liz Vogeli
Everett City Council District 4

Liz Vogeli is a dedicated gun responsibility advocate. Her passion about equity, behavioral health, and gun violence prevention make her a strong and vital leader.

Jessica Wadhams
Lake Stevens City Council Position 6

Jessica Wadhams has proven to be committed to creating a safer, more equitable future in Lake Stevens. She understands that public education is a key part of the fight to end gun violence. She is the right choice for Lake Stevens City Council.

* Skip Williams
Bellingham City Council District 4

Skip Williams is a dedicated community leader who has spent time getting to know the challenges facing Bellingham. He is committed to investing in upstream solutions that will prevent gun violence.

* Victoria Woodards
Tacoma Mayor

As Mayor, Victoria Woodards has shown her dedication to keeping all Tacomans safe. She is committed to being a proactive partner in the fight to address gun violence in all its forms.

* Zach Zappone
Spokane City Council D3

Zach Zappone is a true community advocate—working for children and public health. The Alliance is excited to have his experience and energy on the Spokane city council!