November 8, 2021 Press Releases

Voters Want Comprehensive Action To Keep Our Communities Safe

As Washington continues to experience record-breaking levels of gun violence, voters cast their ballots for gun responsibility champions

44 Alliance-endorsed candidates have won their seats

SEATTLE, WA – Community safety was a defining theme of the 2021 election season and Washington voters proved that they want leaders who will take a comprehensive public health approach and tackle the root causes of gun violence to keep our communities safe. Initial election results show that at least 44 out of 69 Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund-endorsed candidates have won their seats. 

These results come as Washington state, and the entire country, continues to experience historic levels of gun violence. Recently-released CDC data shows that a staggering 45,000 people were killed by guns in 2020 and so far 2021 is on track to be even deadlier. In King County, more people were shot in the first nine months of this year than in all of 2020. 

Voters responded to this persistent gun violence by casting their ballots for candidates who pledged to take comprehensive action to address the epidemic. In Seattle, Bruce Harrell earned a perfect 10 out of 10 on the Victory Fund’s Alliance Approved Candidate tracker. He made gun violence prevention a core part of his campaign, promising to create a cabinet-level position dedicated to gun violence. Two other gun responsibility mayors—Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards and Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin—defended their seats. New gun responsibility champions were elected to city councils across the state, including Spokane, Bothell, Burien, and Seatac. 

In response to initial election results, Alliance for Gun Responsibility CEO, Renée Hopkins, issued the following statement: 

In the wake of record-breaking gun violence, Washington voters supported leaders who are committed to a comprehensive approach to keeping our communities safe. For nearly two years, Washington communities have been bearing the weight of the pandemic and the gun violence epidemic at once. We are proud that voters have once again elected gun responsibility champions at every level of government to help chart our path forward.

It is clear that so much more needs to be done to keep our communities safe from devastating gun violence. The work does not stop here. We are committed to holding our elected officials accountable and working with them to build safer, more equitable communities.

A full list of Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund endorsements can be found here. The full list of endorsed candidates who won their seats is below:

  • Lynne Robinson, Bellevue City Council, Pos. 6
  • Joyce Shui, Bellevue City Council, Pos. 3
  • Jane Aras, Bellevue School Board, Pos. 5
  • Kristina Martens, Bellingham City Council, At Large
  • Skip Williams, Bellingham City Council, D4
  • Han Tran, Bothell City Council, Pos. 1
  • Jenne Alderks, Bothell City Council, Pos. 3
  • Rami Al-Kabra , Bothell City Council, Pos. 7
  • Sarah Moore, Burien City Council, Pos. 5
  • Cassie Franklin, Everett Mayor
  • Don Schwab, Everett City Council, D3
  • Liz Vogeli, Everett City Council, D4
  • Mary Fosse, Everett City Council, D1
  • Jim Ferrell, Federal Way Mayor
  • Dow Constantine, King County Executive
  • Rod Dembowski, King County Council, D1
  • Sarah Perry, King County County Council, D3
  • Neal Black, Kirkland City Council, Pos. 5
  • Jay Arnold, Kirkland City Council, Pos. 1
  • Penny Sweet, Kirkland City Council, Pos. 3
  • Salim Nice, Mercer Island City Council, Pos. 2
  • Dontae Payne, Olympia City Council, Pos. 6
  • Melissa Stuart, Redmond City Council, Pos. 4
  • Jeralee Anderson, Redmond City Council, Pos. 6
  • Carmen Rivera, Renton City Council, Pos. 2
  • Jacob Simpson, Seatac City Council, Pos. 3
  • Mohamed Ega, Seatac City Council, Pos. 4
  • Iris Guzman, Seatac City Council, Pos. 6
  • Bruce Harrell, Seattle Mayor 
  • Teresa Mosqueda, Seattle City Council, At Large Pos. 8
  • Vivian Song Maritz, Seattle School Board, D4
  • Brandon K. Hersey, Seattle School Board, D7
  • Toshiko Grace Hasegawa, Seattle/King County Port Commission, Pos. 4
  • Christopher Roberts, Shoreline City Council, Pos. 7
  • Zach Zappone, Spokane City Council, D3
  • Victoria Woodards, Tacoma Mayor
  • Sarah Rumbaugh, Tacoma City Council, D2
  • Catherine Ushka, Tacoma City Council, D4
  • Kiara Daniels, Tacoma City Council, D6
  • Elizabeth Bonbright, Tacoma School Board, D5
  • Chelsea McElroy, Tacoma School Board, Pos. 4
  • Barry Buchanan, Whatcom County Council, At Large Pos. A
  • Todd Donovan, Whatcom County Council, D2
  • Kaylee Galloway, Whatcom County County Council, D1
  • Janice Deccio, Yakima City Council, Pos. 4