November 10, 2023 Press Releases

The Alliance For Gun Responsibility Celebrates the Election of 37 Gun Responsible Candidates and Ousting of Extremist Sheriff in Snohomish County

Initial results show 37 of 63 Alliance-endorsed candidates elected in the 2023 general election.

SEATTLE, WA — Washington voters again proved they want elected leaders who prioritize action to prevent gun violence during the 2023 general election. Initial election results show that at least 37 out of 63 Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund-supported candidates have won their seats.

Voters responded to the persistent gun violence in our nation by casting their ballots for candidates who pledged to take a comprehensive, upstream approach to addressing the epidemic. The Alliance organized a coalition independent expenditure campaign that mailed over 45,000 voters information about the choice between MAGA extremist Sheriff Adam Fortney and gun responsibility champion Susana Johnson for Snohomish County sheriff. Additionally, the campaign coordinated with Everytown for Gun Safety on digital ads to highlight how Fortney’s ‘guns everywhere agenda’ fanned the flames of extremism.

Resulting in voters electing Susana Johnson, to become the first female sheriff in the history of Snohomish County, shifting the balance of power and cementing voters’ support for devoted and determined public servants who work tirelessly to ensure the safety of communities.

“In response to initial election results, Alliance for Gun Responsibility CEO, Renée Hopkins, issued the following statement:

“Washingtonians have once again showed up at the polls and made it clear that they want gun safety champions in office. We are proud that voters remained steadfast in their support for candidates who understand the urgency and the complexity of keeping our communities safe. Up and down the ballot, voters once again elected gun responsibility champions. These results reflect voters’ preference for a public health approach to public safety that tackles the root causes of gun violence.”

“The Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund has grown from endorsing only a few candidates just nine years ago to supporting dozens of candidates each year. This year, our goal was to expand and deepen the commitment of local leaders who play a role in implementing stronger gun laws that protect communities and save lives,” said Alliance Victory Fund Director Stephanie Ervin. “We had more interest than ever in earning our organizational endorsement and support, and multiple candidates in races across the state, whether for county executive, sheriff, city council, or school board, candidates are running on gun violence prevention as a priority,”

A complete list of endorsed candidates can be found here.