2023 Endorsements

The Victory Fund’s goal is to elect local leaders at every level of government who are committed to taking a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to gun violence prevention.

Use the search box below to find endorsed gun violence prevention champions. You can search by name, position, or district.


James Jeyaraj
Auburn City Council Position 3

A.J. Taylor
Issaquah School Board Director Position #1

Paul Dillon
Spokane City Council District 2, Position 1

Lisa Brown
Spokane Mayor

John Hines
Tacoma City Council Position 1

Olgy Diaz
Tacoma City Council Position 7

Kristina Walker
Tacoma City Council Position 8

Donnell "Tank" Tanksley
Whatcom County Sheriff

Lisa Rivera Smith
Seattle School Board Director, District 2

Gina Topp
Seattle School Board Director, District 6

Jennifer Hawks-Conright
Yakima School District: Position 5

Monica Webster
Bellevue School Board District 4

Phil Bloch
BSD School Director, Position 1

Charles James Adkins
Everett School Board Position 5

Han Tran
NORTHSHORE SD 417 School Director: Position 3

Strom Peterson
Snohomish County Council D3

Liza Rankin
Seattle School Board Director, District 1

Elizabeth Bonbright
Tacoma School Board, Position 5

Mason Thompson
Bothell City Council Position 2

Russ Whidbee
Bellingham City Council At-Large

Krystal Marx
Burien City Council: Position 6

Valerie O'Halloran
City of Renton Councilmember Position 3

Demi Chatters
Everett City Council: Position 6

Joe Colombo
Puyallup City Council position 2

Jon Scanlon
Whatcom County Council At-Large, Position B

Dan Hammill
Bellingham City Council Ward 3

Liz Darrow
Bellingham City Council Ward 3

Carin Chase
Edmonds School Board, District 1

Lindsey Shaw
Spokane City Council District 1, Position 1

Susanna K Johnson
Snohomish County Sheriff

Hanan Amer
Auburn City Council Position 7

Kelli Curtis
Kirkland City Council Position 2

Mo Malakoutian
Bellevue City Council Position 3

Janice Zahn
Bellevue City Council Position 5

Cydney Moore
Burien City Council Position 2

Mike Nelson
Edmonds Mayor

Susan Paine
Edmonds Position 6

Judy Tuohy
Everett City Council: Position 7 At Large

Roger Flygare
Federal Way City Council Position 3

Katherine Festa
Federal Way City Council Position 5

Denise Yun
Federal Way City Council Position 7

Bryan Yambe
Fife City Council Position 1

Victoria Hunt
Issaquah City Council Position 6

John Boyd
Kent City Council Position 3

Amy Falcone
Kirkland City Council Position 6

Megan Dunn
Snohomish County Council District 2

Jamie Smith
Pierce County Council, Position 2

Shellie Willis
Puyallup City Council At Large

Jessica Forsythe
Redmond City Council Position 3

Vanessa Kritzer
Redmond City Council Position 5

Angie Nuevacamina
Redmond City Council Position 7

Angela Birney
Redmond Mayor

Kim Khanh Van
Renton City Council Position 7

Kim Monroe
Renton Mayor

Elizabeth Greninger
SeaTac City Council Position 1

Damiana Merryweather
SeaTac City Council Position 7

Tammy Morales
Seattle City Council D2

Andrew Lewis
Seattle City Council D7

Dan Strauss
Seattle City Council D6

Janet Caldwell
Clover Park School Board Position #5