August 8, 2022 In the News

August Primary Brings Orange Wave, Not Red

Initial results show 87 of 91 Alliance-endorsed candidates advancing to the general election

SEATTLE, WA – Washington voters have shown once again that they want elected officials who will prioritize action to prevent gun violence. Initial results from the August 2nd primary show that 87 out of 91 Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund-endorsed candidates are in position to advance to the general election in November.

“These early results show that, yet again, voters have rewarded elected leaders at every level of government who will prioritize a comprehensive approach to keeping our communities safe,” said Renée Hopkins, CEO of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund. “This year, Washington legislators took bold action to address the toll of gun violence by, among other things, restricting high-capacity magazines. At the federal level, Congress passed its first meaningful gun safety legislation in nearly three decades. We’re proud that voters responded to this progress by supporting candidates who have committed to working to end gun violence in all its forms.”

Results are still being tallied but early reports show gun responsibility champions across the state leading their races. A full list of Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund endorsements can be found here. Additional endorsements may also be made before the general election.  

These results come after several high profile mass shootings shook the nation and on the heels of the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision, which overturned a portion of a New York concealed carry law. They also come as gun violence appears to still be rising in Washington. According to the most recent Shots Fired report from the King County Prosecutor’s Office, the number of fatal shooting victims in King County in the first quarter of the year was 14 percent higher than the five year average.