Victory Fund Eligible Candidates for King County & Seattle City Council

Introducing the 2023 Primary Victory Fund Eligible Candidates for King County & Seattle City Council!

The primary goal of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund is to support the election of champions who prioritize gun responsibility across all levels of government. We firmly believe in the endorsement process as it aids voters in identifying candidates who are committed to preventing gun violence while in office. However, we also recognize that endorsements hold value only when there is a clear standout choice in a race, and when candidates sufficiently differ in their approaches to merit such recognition.

We are fortunate to have multiple candidates vying for seats who have actively sought the endorsement of the Victory Fund and have demonstrated genuine engagement in addressing gun violence prevention. This situation presents a challenge when it comes to endorsing a single candidate. However, refraining from endorsing altogether and leaving voters uninformed would undermine our commitment to educating and acknowledging candidates who are actively involved in the fight against gun violence. Therefore, we have designated these candidates as eligible for a special distinction known as “Alliance Approved Candidate.”

If you are a candidate listed below and have information that would update your score please reach out to [email protected] for review. Any candidate who gets to 4 criteria at any point in their campaign will earn the seal of approval.

The Victory Fund’s “Alliance Approved Candidate” seal of approval will be awarded to any candidate that meets at least 4 of the 5 criteria listed below.

King County Council

Jorge Baron, District 4 (5/5)

Sarah Reyneveld, District 4 (5/5)

Teresa Mosqueda, District 8 (4/5)

Sofia Aragon, District 8 (3/5)


Seattle City Council

Rob Saka, District 1 (4/5)

Maren Costa, District 1 (5/5)

Alex Hudson, District 3 (4/5)

Joy Hollingsworth, District 3 (4/5)

Ron Davis, District 4 (4/5)

Maritza Rivera, District 4 (2/5)

Cathy Moore, District 5 (4/5)

Christina ObeySumner, District 5 (1/5)