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Suicide is the leading cause of firearm death in Washington State. In 2014 alone, 545 individuals – 49% of all those who took their own lives – used a firearm. If we are to reduce the level of gun violence in Washington State, we have to provide suicide prevention research and resources.

We know that 90% of people who attempt suicide and survive never go on to attempt suicide again. Sadly, firearms are by far the most likely method to result in completed suicide attempts – to the tune of 51%. That’s why intervention in moments of extreme crisis is critical to suicide prevention.

Here are some of the policies we support to help save lives:


Many people realize they themselves could be at risk of a suicidal crisis. Today, they can voluntarily admit themselves to hospitals and seek out mental health support but there isn’t a clear path to ensure they won’t be able to purchase a firearm in a moment of crisis. This bill would give people the ability to voluntarily have their names listed on the prohibited purchaser list. The policy includes identity protection and a process to allow the person to restore their own rights.


Ensure our state provides adequate resources for mental health services to ensure people in crisis can access the help they need.


Resources to provide evidence based suicide prevention education.

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