Victory Fund Approved Candidates for Seattle Mayor

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund is dedicated to electing gun responsibility champions at every level of government. We believe that endorsing candidates is a valuable process that helps voters understand which candidates will prioritize gun violence prevention in office. But we also believe that, in order for endorsements to be valuable, they should be made when there is an obvious choice in the race and when there is enough daylight between candidates to merit such a distinction.

Seattle is fortunate that almost every leading candidate for citywide office has not only sought the Victory Fund’s endorsement, but has also engaged meaningfully on gun violence prevention. This makes endorsing a single candidate extremely difficult. But not issuing an endorsement and giving voters no information undermines our commitment to educating voters and recognizing candidates who are engaged in gun violence prevention. That is why we are excited to introduce the Alliance Approved Candidate tracker.

The Victory Fund’s “Alliance Approved Candidate” seal of approval was awarded to any candidate that meets at least eight of the 10 criteria listed below. On August 3rd, Jessyn Farrell, Bruce Harrell, Lorena Gonzalez, and Colleen Echohawk had earned our approval!

Jessyn Farrell (10/10)

Bruce Harrell (10/10)

Lorena Gonzales (9/10)

Colleen Echohawk (8/10)

Andrew Grant Houston (4/10)


Casey Sixkiller (3/10)


Lance Randall (1/10)


Art Langlie (1/10)


On June 29th, we co-hosted a free, virtual gun violence prevention forum featuring five of these candidates! Watch it here >>