October 1, 2020 Press Releases

Washington State Candidates Prepare To Take On Gun Violence

SEATTLE, WA – Today, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund announced its endorsement of six additional candidates for the 2020 general election. These candidates join the 93 candidates previously endorsed by the Victory Fund. In the primary, Washington voters clearly expressed their desire for elected officials to prioritize gun responsibility. Ninety-two out of the 93 candidates endorsed by the Victory Fund advanced to the general election. 

“With the COVID-19 crisis and the gun violence epidemic bearing down on our communities, gun violence prevention can and should be happening at every level of government,” said Renée Hopkins, CEO of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility. “As our communities and our elected officials face the challenges ahead, electing gun responsibility majorities will be more important than ever. We cannot afford to pause this crucial work. We are proud that so many candidates across the state are recognizing that gun safety is not just an urgent issue, but a winning one.” 

The Victory Fund is committed to endorsing candidates at all levels of government that will champion, not just support, gun violence prevention. New candidates were asked to complete a questionnaire and participate in an interview with Victory Fund staff before receiving an endorsement.

“Candidates are finally beginning to catch up with voters on gun responsibility,” said Stephanie Ervin, Political Director at the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund. “Each election cycle we see more candidates ready to run on gun safety and eager to seek our endorsement. In the primary, voters made clear that they want candidates who understand the need to act boldly and effectively on gun violence prevention by electing Alliance-endorsed candidates across the board.” 

The newly endorsed candidates are:

  • Angie Homola, Legislative District 10, H1
  • David Hackney, Legislative District 11, H1
  • AJ Cooper, Legislative District 15, H2
  • Jessica Bateman, Legislative District 22, H2
  • Mike Chapman, Legislative District 24, H1
  • Mark Lundsten, Skagit County Commissioner D1

More information about the reason for each endorsement and our full list of endorsed candidates can be found here.