May 24, 2022 Press Releases

The Alliance For Gun Responsibility Responds To Mass Shooting At Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX

19 students and two teachers were killed and several more were wounded

SEATTLE, WA – Fourteen students and one teacher have been reported dead after a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The shooter allegedly shot his grandmother before entering the school and opening fire again. Alliance for Gun Responsibility CEO, Renée Hopkins issued the following statement in response to the shooting:  

“Once again an American school—an American elementary school—has become the site of unthinkable carnage. We are outraged that this senseless violence cut 21 futures short, 19 of them young school children. Outraged that our children are not safe at school because elected leaders, including the Governor of Texas, continue to protect guns over people. Outraged by the suggestion that these kinds of tragedies are inevitable. 

There is still much that we don’t know about this specific incident. But we do know that responsible gun laws save lives. Study after study after study proves that states with stronger gun laws have fewer gun deaths. But still, states across the country, including Texas, have recklessly weakened gun laws and removed any and all commonsense safeguards. The irresponsibility of these politicians is not limited to legislation—you see it in their social media posts glorifying gun ownership and pandering to the gun lobby, in their political speeches celebrating violence, and on cable news fomenting fear, distrust, and hate. They hide behind tired talking points lamenting mental illness and the lone actions of a troubled soul, all to avoid placing the blame where it really lies: easy access to firearms. Washington State is doing the opposite. We are leading the nation by strengthening policies and programs to restrict access to deadly weapons and prevent tragedy before it’s too late. 

Just 10 days ago, the country was shocked by a white supremacist attack on Black shoppers at a grocery store in Buffalo. Since then at least 1,000 people have been killed by guns and most never made headlines. We cannot accept inaction any longer. We must keep fighting for elected leaders who will treat gun violence like the public health emergency that it is. We must fight to honor all victims and survivors with action.” 

NOTE: This statement has been updated to reflect the latest death count.