June 23, 2022 Press Releases

The Alliance For Gun Responsibility Condemns Supreme Court’s Radical Decision in New York Gun Law

SEATTLE, WA – Today, a radical supermajority of the Supreme Court issued a decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen, overturning a century-old New York State law and ruling that there is a constitutional right to carry a handgun outside the home for self defense. Alliance for Gun Responsibility CEO Renée Hopkins issued the following statement in response:

“Today, six unelected judges issued a decision that will make our communities less safe. This extreme ruling promotes the gun lobby’s ‘guns everywhere’ agenda and flies in the face of the clear will of the American people who have cried out for commonsense gun laws. With this ruling, the Court has elevated the Second Amendment above every other right we have been guaranteed. It will embolden gun rights extremists to challenge other evidence-based and popular gun safety policies in court. 

It is crucial to underscore that while this decision deals a blow to New York’s concealed carry law and similar laws in place in a few other states, it does not signal the end of gun safety laws. It only reinforces the need for legislative action. We are confident that Washington’s evidence-based laws will continue to be upheld as constitutional and we remain as committed as ever to defending them against gun lobby attacks. We will keep fighting for an end to the gun violence epidemic because our lives literally depend on it.”