August 24, 2015 Press Releases

Statement from Renée Hopkins on the Gun Lobby’s Lawsuit Against The City of Seattle

The Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility issued the following statement from Executive Director Renée Hopkins following the gun lobby’s lawsuit against the City of Seattle, which comes one day after The Seattle Times issued a call for aggressive action to reduce gun violence in the city:

“The City of Seattle took bold and innovate steps this month to invest in public programs that benefit the community. In response, the gun lobby has today doubled down on the cynical rhetoric and obstructionist tactics that would rob law enforcement and public health professionals of key data and tools at a time when they are needed most. This is just the latest attempt by the gun lobby to use litigation to overturn the will of the people.

The Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility stands with the City of Seattle against the gun lobby’s latest legal effort to prevent our city from making reasonable investments in public safety programs.

Washingtonians want elected officials who will support public programs that help us understand how we can respond to gun violence. The gun lobby still hasn’t gotten the message, and we look forward to helping Seattle and Washington State continue to take meaningful action to address gun violence.”