April 17, 2015 In the News

Sheena Henderson Act Passes Legislature

Last night, the Washington State Senate once again unanimously passed the Sheena Henderson Act, sending the bill on to Governor Jay Inslee for signature. KXLY reports:

Henderson’s family said they had no idea Christopher was given his guns back. The Sheena Henderson’s Act aims to give families that knowledge.

‘It’s a tool for us to be able to try and protect our loved ones,” said Gary Kennison, Sheena’s father.

He says if they’d known Christopher had gotten his guns back, they could taken measures to protect Sheena, and get him the help he needed.

“What this bill does, it is gives family members that find themselves in situations such as ours, or domestic violence, the ability to request that notification be sent to you prior to the release of a firearm to a potentially dangerous or mentally ill person,” said Kennison.

If that notification is requested, a gun couldn’t be released for 72 hours.

“Which could potentially be a cooling off period, or you know, a way to prevent additional tragedies,” said Sheena’s friend Kristen Otoupalik.

Kennison said Governor Jay Inslee personally assured him he will sign the bill as soon as it comes across his desk.