March 27, 2014 In the News

Capitol Hill Times: Opposing gun bills headed for November ballot

The Capitol Hill Times reports:

This November, Washington voters will have a choice between two, strongly opposed pieces of gun legislation. Initiative 594 would institute universal background checks for all gun purchases for all cases except transfer between family members, while Initiative 591 would eliminate Washington’s ability to pass and enforce gun control laws that do not originate with the federal government. As Seattle police have had to address increases in gun violence over the past several years, the contentious issue of gun control hits close to home for many of our neighbors.

We support the Second Amendment right of citizens to own guns,” says the I-594 campaign. “We also believe with that right comes basic responsibilities. As a society we are responsible for keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and promoting solutions that reduce gun violence.”


I-594 has widespread support from gun control groups. Its main sponsor is the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, and representatives from groups like Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, as well as faith communities like First United Methodist Church have voiced solidarity on the issue. The I-594 campaign has hired campaign manager Zach Silk to carry its message to the November general election. Silk is best known in Seattle for running the campaign for Referendum 74, the ballot measure that legalized same-sex marriage in Washington.

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