For our 11th annual luncheon–Marching Forward–the Alliance is reflecting on the progress we’ve made since our founding in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy and the work ahead to end the gun violence epidemic.


After three long years, we are thrilled to be hosting this critical event in person! We hope that you’ll join us at the Westin Hotel for an afternoon of progress, lived experiences, and hope!

Since our founding, the Alliance’s advocacy, education, community outreach, and electoral work has made Washington state a leader in gun violence prevention. We have proven that progress on gun safety is not only possible, but effective.

It is clear that there is so much work left to do. Within the last year, our country has been devastated by Uvalde, Buffalo, Monterey Park, and truly too many deaths by gun suicide that rarely make the news. The Biden Administration has taken vital steps forward in preventing gun violence. But without a Congress that is willing to strengthen federal gun laws, states like Washington must continue leading the way.

We must not let up! Your support saves lives. Your support keeps guns out of the hands of people in crisis. Your support pushes our children forward into a future free from gun violence.