April 1, 2020 Blog

Tell Trump: Guns Are NOT Essential

On March 28, 2020, the Trump Administration added the firearms industry to the federal list of critical businesses that are still allowed to operate. This change treats gun store and shooting range workers like the doctors, nurses, and grocery store employees that are risking their lives to get us through this pandemic. 

Tell Trump: Guns are NOT essential

This is a huge favor to the gun lobby, which is stoking fear about the virus to spark sales. This move also comes as reports from across the country show that people, including many first-time buyers, are stockpiling guns and ammunition. 

Allowing the firearms industry to continue operating during COVID-19 puts employees at an unnecessary risk of contracting and spreading the deadly disease and it allows the dangerous panic-buying of firearms and ammunition to continue. 

We know that more guns means more gun violence. We also know that the presence of a gun in the home increases the chance of death by suicide, domestic violence, and unintentional shootings. Those risks are only exacerbated among first-time buyers with little or no training and experience. 

Our elected officials should be putting the health and safety of every American first not handing out favors to the gun lobby. Sign this petition to tell the Trump Administration: guns are not essential!