January 22, 2019 Blog

Lobby Day 2019 Kicks Off the Legislative Session

The Alliance, without a doubt, has the best volunteer base in Washington State, and perhaps even the country! This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Alliance came out in force for our first big hearing day of the 2019 Legislative Session. More than 150 supporters and testifiers came from as nearby as a few blocks from campus, to as far away as Sequim and Bellingham including a sizable contingent from King County which had a very joyous ride down on a bus!

Four gun violence prevention bills were heard before the committee today. They were:

  • SB 5062 (a restriction on High Capacity Magazines);
  • SB 5061 (closing an access loophole for 3D-printed firearms, also called “ghost guns”);
  • SB 5143 (protecting victims of domestic violence); and
  • SB 5174 (requiring safety training for Concealed Pistol Licenses).

Testimony began with Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who voiced his strong support for these bills and urged the committee to heed the concerns of WA state voters as they demonstrate the need for comprehensive gun violence prevention legislation in our state.

Testimony in support of the bills came from a wide variety of volunteers with equally diverse experiences with gun violence, underscoring the scope of the problem in our communities. From survivors and veterans, to doctors, county prosecutors, and the WA State Attorney General, the call to action for gun reform was loud and clear. A highlight of the day came when Nara Kim, a student and the Executive Director of the Seattle chapter of March For Our Lives, looked up at the committee and reminded our elected representatives what her generation intends to do when faced with inaction on gun violence, “I assure you, that if you don’t vote for our future…we will vote you out.”

If today is any indication, we are in for a truly amazing legislative session!

–Dylan O’Connor is the Advocacy Coordinator at the Alliance for Gun Responsibility.