January 31, 2023 Blog


Our first in-person hearing day of the 2023 Legislative Session was a big success! After two years of virtual gathering, it was inspiring to see Olympia blanketed in orange again.

On Tuesday January 17th, gun violence prevention volunteers began lining up at 5:30 am for the chance to attend hearings to show support for four life-saving bills:

  • HB 1240: banning the sale of assault weapons
  • HB 1143/HB 1144: requiring a permit, safety training, and a waiting period to purchase a firearm
  • HB 1178: restoring local governments’ authority to pass gun laws
  • SB 5078: creating a pathway for victims of gun violence and others to hold the gun industry accountable in court

All of these evidence-based policies will keep our communities safer from gun violence. Our hearing day was a huge success! And none of this necessary work could happen without all of the volunteers and survivors who joined us that day in Olympia and everyone who cheered us on from afar.

And our work is not done! Be sure to sign up for our emails so you don’t miss any of the upcoming opportunities to help us in this necessary fight!

Kisa Batool is Legislative Intern at the Alliance.