May 8, 2024 Blog

2023 Annual Report

Our 2023 Annual Report is officially available! The Alliance for Gun Responsibility has been hard at work and we are thrilled to share some of the accomplishments made in the past year – including the incredible legislative victories like the assault weapons ban.

2023 Annual Report

There is no doubt in our minds that 2023 was a tremendous success for Washington when it comes to gun violence prevention. Due to the continued work in Olympia and in our communities, we were able to become the 10th state to prohibit assault style weapons. We also implemented a 10-day waiting period, access to justice for victims, and domestic violence protections to name a few.

Luckily our success didn’t stop in Olympia. We were also able to grow and share our expertise with other states as they continue to build the necessary infrastructure in their back yards.

In the words of Renée Hopkins,

But perhaps most importantly, our work in 2023 fostered a sense of hope and solidarity among those affected by gun violence. By amplifying the voices of survivors, advocating for policy change, and fostering meaningful dialogue, we are growing a movement of resilience and determination. Together, we are proving that even in the face of unimaginable tragedy, there is strength in unity and power in action.

As we look back on our success, we continue to look forward. To our volunteers, elected officials, donors, faith leaders, and community members – Thank you for your tireless commitment to this work. We hope this report will hold as a reminder of the incredible work we’re doing together.

Check out the full annual report here.

Christian Coulter is the Digital Communications Manager at the Alliance