January 21, 2019 Press Releases

Hundreds of Advocates Call for Action on Gun Responsibility Measures

OLYMPIA, WA – In a hearing room packed with over 100 gun responsibility advocates today, the Senate Law and Justice Committee, chaired by gun responsibility champion Sen. Jamie Pedersen, considered several key gun responsibility priorities including SB 5062 on high-capacity magazines, SB 5061 on ghost guns and untraceable firearms, SB 5143 on law enforcement and victim safety, and SB 5174 on training for concealed pistol licenses. The committee heard testimony from numerous individuals impacted by gun violence including survivors, law enforcement, prosecutors, health care providers, gun owners, and veterans.

“Gun laws in Washington have changed because voters have demanded action and our legislators have heard their call. Now it is time for our legislators to act again,” said Renée Hopkins, CEO of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility. “This year, we’ve put forward the most robust gun violence prevention agenda ever proposed in this state. The agenda, with policies ranging from protections for law enforcement and victims of domestic violence, to increased training requirements and bans on high-capacity magazines and ‘ghost guns’ is designed to make our state safer and close loopholes in our law. It is going to be an exciting year in Olympia.”

“Washington has led the nation on gun violence prevention, with bipartisan action in Olympia and comprehensive voter-driven initiatives,” remarked Trudi Inslee, First Lady of Washington. “Grandmothers, moms and dads, teens and students, from across our state have demanded change, and we are safer because of what they have done. But our work is not finished yet. Too many women, children, and young people in our state still suffer the devastating impacts of gun violence. This year, our elected officials have the opportunity to make meaningful progress in the fight against gun violence and save lives in our state.”

At a press conference directly following the hearing, gun responsibility advocates reiterated their call for action to reduce gun violence by supporting SB 5061, SB 5062, SB 5143, and SB 5174.

“No one law alone can prevent all gun violence,” said Ami Strahan, mother of Sam Strahan victim of Freeman High School Shooting. “But there is more we can do to keep our kids and our communities safe. Commonsense laws like restricting access to high-capacity magazines and closing loopholes that allow guns to fall into dangerous hands may not have saved my son’s life, but they will save countless others. They will help make sure no other family has to experience the pain that mine did.” 

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility’s full legislative agenda can be found here.