March 14, 2019 Press Releases

Gun Responsibility Advocates Meet With Lawmakers to Call for Action o n Gun Violence Prevention Bills This Session


OLYMPIA, WA – Today, dozens of Alliance for Gun Responsibility volunteers gathered in Olympia to meet with legislators and call for final action to pass gun responsibility priorities this session. Volunteers spoke with legislators from Clallam, King, Kitsap, Pierce, Mason, and Snohomish Counties about the importance of passing gun violence prevention priority legislation this session.

“In the last year, Washingtonians made their voices heard at the polls and as a result our state has stronger gun laws and our legislators are more committed than ever to preventing gun violence,” said Tallman Trask, Alliance for Gun Responsibility Policy and Advocacy Director. “There is no doubt that the people of this state and our representatives are leading a movement, here and around the country, that is saving lives and making our communities safer. Our legislators in Olympia deserve credit for the hard, meaningful work they’ve already undertaken this session. We are glad to be able to use today to thank so many representatives for the work they’ve already done instead of begging them to take action. This change is reflective of how much progress we have made to help our elected officials catch up to their constituents on the issue of  gun violence.”

The Alliance’s 2019 legislative policy agenda is our most robust yet, calling for a broad range of policies including funding for research, community and victim protection, restricting access to deadly high-capacity magazines, and more. Today, nine priority policies included in the agenda are still alive in Olympia. The full agenda can be seen here.