October 27, 2018 Press Releases

CEO Renee Hopkins Responds to Pittsburgh Shooting

SEATTLE, WA — The Alliance for Gun Responsibility released the following statement:

“Yet another American community became the site of tragedy today. Once again, the sheer terror of hate-based violence, driven by antisemitism and empowered by a gun, has taken American lives,” said Renee Hopkins, CEO of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility. “The events in Pittsburgh are a stark reminder of why when we say ‘never again,’ we must mean it and act. We owe it to our country and to our future to do everything we can to prevent gun violence, and to prevent guns from making it into the hands of hateful, violent people. Today, as we mourn alongside the nation and talk to survivors of too many similar hate-fueled mass shootings, our thoughts are with the people of Pittsburgh, the members of the Tree of Life Synagogue, the victims, first responders, law enforcement, and all of their families.” — said Renee Hopkins, CEO, Alliance for Gun Responsibility