January 6, 2021 Press Releases

The Alliance For Gun Responsibility Responds To Armed Insurrectionist Takeover Of Us Capitol

SEATTLE, WA – In response to pro-Trump insurrectionists breaking into the U.S. Capitol, interrupting proceedings in both chambers and forcing members of Congress to evacuate, Alliance for Gun Responsibility CEO Renée Hopkins issued the following statement: 

“What is happening in our nation’s capital is not protest. It is not constitutionally-protected free speech. It is a violent attack on our democracy. The individuals participating in this violence should be called what they are: domestic terrorists. 

We are bearing witness to a coup attempt, fueled by the President of the United States and the elected officials who enable and encourage him. They have sowed the seeds of this terror and violence and created fertile ground for it to take root. Every elected leader must condemn this blatant attack on our democracy and commit to doing everything in their power to prevent it from happening again. If they cannot do that, they must leave, or be voted out of office. 

Today we experienced, yet again, terrifying proof that guns and demonstrations do not mix. Openly carried firearms used to intimidate and threaten, led to an armed standoff at the door of the House floor and complicated the job of capitol police. Amid the chaos, at least one person was reportedly shot and has died. 

In the weeks ahead, we will be fighting in the Washington state legislature and working with allies in other states to reject intimidation with openly-carried firearms and enact other gun responsibility measures. We urge federal lawmakers to join us in taking immediate action to de-escalate tension and intimidation and keep people and communities safe.  

We are counting on our elected leaders at the state and federal level to act to prevent this terror and tragedy from happening again.”