December 5, 2018 Press Releases

Alliance for Gun Responsibility Releases 2019 Legislative Agenda

SEATTLE, WA – Today the Alliance for Gun Responsibility released our 2019 Gun Responsibility Agenda. Following successful ballot measures in 2014, 2016, and 2018, our agenda is a map of the next steps the Washington State Legislature can take to help make our communities safer and prevent gun violence.

“Washington voters sent a clear message again this November: we demand responsible gun laws. Washingtonians did their part at the ballot, now it is time for our legislators to do their part,” said Renee Hopkins, CEO of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility. “Our statewide coalition — including community leaders, survivors, advocates, public health experts and law enforcement — created the most robust agenda we have ever put forward. We are seeking evidence-based policies to close loopholes, keep guns away from people who want to cause harm, and continue to ensure that our gun laws are being fully implemented and supported. Each and every policy will save lives in our state. We’re looking forward to working with our gun responsibility majority in Olympia to ensure our lawmakers pass the kind of laws Washington families and communities want in place.”

The agenda includes a number of policies ranging from funding for research and community-based programs to further suicide prevention efforts. Highlights include:

  • Community and victim safety legislation which will provide law enforcement with the ability to remove firearms from the scene of a domestic violence arrest
  • Expanding factors which a judge may consider when issuing an Extreme Risk Protection Order to include hate-based threats
  • Restoring local authority to keep communities safe by limiting firearms in crowded public events or places like parks and libraries where our kids play and learn, and allowing them to limit the open carry of firearms
  • Restricting access to high-capacity magazines

The full 2019 Gun Responsibility Agenda is available here.