July 15, 2021 Press Releases

Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund Introduces New “Alliance Approved” Candidate designation in Seattle Mayoral Candidate Race

Only candidates who meet certain criteria will receive an “Alliance Approved” designation, signaling to voters their commitment to preventing gun violence

SEATTLE, WA – Today, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund announced a new, “Alliance Approved Candidate” designation for candidates running for Seattle Mayor. The categorization comes in lieu of an endorsement in the crowded primary race and is designed to inform Seattle voters in a race where candidates overlap significantly on gun responsibility.

The Victory Fund’s seal of approval will be given to any candidate that meets at least eight of the 10 criteria listed below. All candidates are eligible and encouraged to continue working throughout the campaign to meet the following criteria:

  • Features a gun violence prevention (GVP) platform on website
  • Highlights Community Violence Intervention in platform
  • GVP platform includes specific future-looking policies/programs 
  • GVP platform highlights increased police accountability measures
  • Demonstrated GVP work in community and/or elected capacity
  • Actively campaigning on GVP platform (active social media, email communication, etc.)
  • Endorsed by Community Violence Interruption/Diversion leader(s)
  • Attended Alliance Candidate Training
  • Participated in Alliance/Grandmothers Against Gun Violence Forum
  • Supports ending state preemption for local firearms regulation

“Our goal at the Victory Fund is to elect gun responsibility champions at every level of government,” said Stephanie Ervin, PAC Director at the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund. “We believe that making endorsements is a valuable process that helps inform voters. But we also believe that endorsements are most valuable when candidates differ enough for a clear choice to be made. 

It was a difficult decision this year in Seattle with so many candidates not only seeking our endorsement but also engaging in meaningful ways on the issue of gun violence prevention.  In our view, doing nothing was not an option. It suggests that all candidates are equally qualified on gun violence prevention and that is not true. It also undermines our commitment to educating voters and recognizing candidates who are engaged in gun violence prevention. That’s where the Alliance Approved Candidate seal of approval and tracker comes in. It will distinguish between candidates and serve as a valuable tool for voters throughout the campaign cycle.”

Currently, Colleen Echohawk, Jessyn Farrell, and Bruce Harrell have all earned the “Alliance Approved” designation. The full list of candidates and qualifications can be found here. 

The Victory Fund’s other endorsements can be found on our website here and in the progressive voters guide.