July 30, 2014 In the News

The Everett Herald: NRA’s paranoid style of politics

The Everett Herald reports:

The politics of fear is written in code words. Break the code, and fear is revealed in all its paranoid splendor.

National Rifle Association lobbyist Brian Judy didn’t bother embroidering his language when speaking before a no-I-594 gathering in Silverdale on July 23. There’s value yakking to true believers: You can ditch the focus-grouped rhetoric and go straight to the madman tropes.

In a recording posted on the website “Horse’s Ass,” Judy — who, along with the NRA, hasn’t disavowed or denied the comments — condescends that “these people” (Jews) such as entrepreneur Nick Hanauer, a key financial backer of I-594, should know better than to support universal background checks for purchasing a firearm.

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