December 21, 2020 In the News

Bans on open carry at protests, high capacity mags top WA gun safety group’s agenda in 2021

“Dealing with the pandemic, police accountability, and issues surrounding systemic racism and equality are expected to take up much of the focus of this upcoming legislative session. But we can expect some of the more familiar debates as well, including gun safety measures.

‘You know, our 2021 agenda really reflects the many challenges and lessons of 2020 particularly COVID historic calls for police accountability and the armed intimidation. It also really reflects an understanding that our lawmakers have an incredibly tough job ahead,’ said Renee Hopkins, Executive Director of Washington’s Alliance for Gun Responsibility.

‘That said, the pandemic has not slowed the gun violence epidemic,’ she continued. ‘In fact, it’s actually exacerbated it. We see a rise in all kinds of gun violence, gun sales have skyrocketed, and the devastating impacts are being seen in domestic violence homicides that are spiking, community violence is surging and even mass shootings have broken records.'”

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