Jay Inslee’s Plan to Address Gun Violence and White Nationalism

In the wake of the horrific shootings in El Paso, TX, Dayton, OH, and Chicago, IL, Governor Jay Inslee unveiled a 10-point plan to address gun violence and white nationalism. We are proud to have counted Governor Inslee as a GVP champion from day one and applaud his efforts to build on what we’ve done here in Washington on the national stage.

You can see our full statement about the plan here.

The 10-Step Plan:

Addressing the Rise of White Nationalism

1. Directing Federal Law Enforcement Resources To Confront White Nationalism
2. Creating Systems to Identify, Track, and Prosecute White Nationalist Extremists
3. Expanding International Cooperation to Fight White Nationalism

Addressing the Ease-of-Access to Firearms

4. National Assault Weapons Ban
5. Extreme Risk Protection Orders
6. Disarm Hate
7. Targeting People Who “Lie and Try” to Buy Guns
8. Close the Charleston Loophole
9. Overhaul and Enhance ATF Enforcement
10. Banning Untraceable Firearms

You can read more details on the plan at JayInslee.com

We call on all Democratic candidates to denounce this homegrown terrorism and join Gov. Inslee in proposing ambitious and detailed plans to address the epidemic of gun violence.