September 3, 2019 Blog

A Safer School Year

Across the state, students are preparing for the 2019-2020 school year. For many students, going back to school means going back to active shooter drills and the threat of gun violence. 

No student should have to fear gun violence at school, but far too many do. While elected officials and pundits across the country and here in Washington suggest arming school officials or buying bulletproof backpacks, we know that the only way to truly protect our students from gun violence is by strengthening our gun laws. 

Thankfully, Washington voters did just that last November by passing Initiative 1639. So this year, with the law in full effect, Washington students will begin a new school year at safer schools. 

Initiative 1639, the most comprehensive gun violence prevention measure in state history, was approved by nearly 60 percent of voters statewide in November 2018 and took full effect in July 2019. The law includes several provisions, like raising the age to buy semi-automatic assault rifles and incentivizing safe storage, that will protect young people in particular from gun violence. 

You can learn more about I-1639 here.


— Kristen Ellingboe is the Communications Manager at the Alliance for Gun Responsibility.