July 2, 2019 Blog

Pride Weekend

Every year, American citizens across the political spectrum are reminded of the struggles of the LQBTQIA+ community. Whether the reminder was solicited or not, the queer community was heard on the radio, on T.V., in the streets, and in private conversations between friends. We are louder than ever.

I attended my first Pride this year, and I was so excited to be able to represent the Alliance. The repeated acts of gun violence through our state and our country has galvanized me and my fellow high-schoolers into action. Over Pride weekend, dozens of teenagers (including myself) registered to vote at our booth, to do our civic duty. Many more defended I-1639 by signing our thank you letter.

The Alliance’s endorsements for the August 6th primaries were distributed to hundreds of voters during Pride. Those endorsed have made significant contributions to gun regulation, so be sure to check out the candidates here. Local elections are often overlooked, so make sure those representing you will champion the issues important to you, like gun violence prevention!

–Raiden Kallberg is an Electoral Organizing Intern with the Alliance for Gun Responsibility.