July 16, 2021 Blog

Check Out Our 2020 Annual Report

Lost track of the great work the Alliance for Gun Responsibility has done amid the historic pandemic? Look no further! Our 2020 annual report has arrived.

The world as we knew it was brought to a halt in 2020, nevertheless our efforts to end gun violence persisted. Despite last year’s difficulties, we scored several legislative victories in Olympia. With the help of our broad coalition of partners, the Office of Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention was established through SB 6288 – the first of its kind! Because of our work, Washington continues to pass groundbreaking commonsense gun safety legislation.

Gun violence soared in 2020 as the pandemic heightened the risk of suicide, domestic violence, community violence, and more. In Seattle, Tacoma, and Spokane, the homicide rate was at a 25 year high. Through advocacy and education, we worked diligently to address vast inequities in our state and beyond that have a direct correlation with the gun violence epidemic.

From racial injustice to economic inequality, 2020 was a year that highlighted the need for broader reforms to combat the gun crisis. To learn more about our work, check out our full annual report.

— Brad Blackburn is an intern with the Alliance.