October 26, 2013 Blog

Add Your Name to Our Open Letter

I’d like to say that I can’t believe this — but almost nothing the gun lobbyists do surprises me anymore.

But here it is: A political operation working with gun lobbyists decided to declare December 14 — the anniversary of the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary — “Guns Save Lives Day.”

You read that right.

Naturally, they immediately bowed to pressure to not hold their crass political event on the anniversary of the shooting deaths of 28 people — most of them children — to score cheap political points and raise cash to support their organization.

So they pushed it back — one whole day.

But they’re still trying to profit — politically and financially — off of an unimaginable tragedy. Please take a second to add your name to our open letter to make them cancel this ghoulish sideshow.

I’ve worked in politics a long time. But it is really rare to see something so crass and so brazen as to try to exploit the senseless deaths of children to build your network and raise money to support the very thing that stole them from their parents and friends.

It is unconscionable.

Even worse, their terrible antics give a bad name to so many well-intentioned gun owners — the majority of whom fully support sensible reforms like I-594, our initiative to require background checks on all gun purchases in Washington.

But these aren’t genuine people — they’re political consultants and lobbyists who only care about making headlines and lining their coffers.

The only way to stop them holding this event is for public opposition to grow so large, that they will be shamed into canceling this event. But we need huge numbers on this open letter to make it happen.

Make them cancel this ghoulish “Guns Save Lives Day” — add your name to our open letter today.


Zach Silk
Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility

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