2022 Legislative Session HQ

Washington state cannot afford to press pause on gun violence prevention. In the face of the continued challenges posed by the pandemic, a contentious political atmosphere, and record-levels of gun violence, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility is prioritizing protecting and building on our recent progress to support a comprehensive public health approach to preventing gun violence.

Key Dates

  • January 10 – First day of session
  • February 3 – Policy committee cutoff
  • February 7 – Fiscal committee cutoff
  • February 15 – House of origin cutoff
  • February 24 – Opposite House Policy committee cutoff
  • February 28 – Opp. House Fiscal committee cutoff
  • March 4 – Floor Cutoff for anything not necessary to implement the budget
  • March 10 – Last day of regular session

GVP Bills

Bill Policy Status
HB 1630 Restricting Weapons at School Board and Other Governing Body Meetings  PASSED! yeas, 28; nays, 20; absent, 1; excused, 0
HB 1705 Closing the Ghost Guns Loophole  PASSED! yeas, 26; nays, 23; absent, 0; excused, 0.
HB 1735 Peace Officers/Use of Force Mar 4: Governor SIGNED! Chapter 4, 2022 Laws. Effective date 3/4/2022.
HB 1941 Prohibiting Active Shooter Drills PASSED! yeas, 30; nays, 18; absent, 0; excused, 1.
SB 5078 High Capacity Magazine Restrictions PASSED! yeas, 55; nays, 42; absent, 1; excused, 0.
SB 5491 Voluntary Waiver Update Did not pass.
SB 5217 Assault Weapons Restrictions Did not pass.
SB 5568 Rejecting Armed Intimidation Did not pass.
HB 1507 Indep. Prosecutions/Police Did not pass.
HB 1618 Prohibiting Weapons at Election-Related Offices Did not pass.
HB 1759 Encouraging Safe Storage Did not pass.

In the News

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