2020 Legislative Session HQ

We’re working to make sure this legislative session is our most successful yet! We’ll be updating this page regularly as bills move throughout the legislature. Check back here and sign up for our email list to stay informed.

Key Dates

  • January 13: First Day of Session
  • January 20: Alliance Hearing Day
  • January 21: Alliance Hearing Day
  • February 7: House of Origin Policy Cutoff
  • February 11: House of Origin Fiscal Cutoff
  • February 14: Alliance Lobby Day
  • February 19: House of Origin Floor Cutoff
  • February 28: Opposite House Policy Cutoff
  • March 2: Opposite House Fiscal Cutoff
  • March 6: Opposite House Floor Cutoff
  • March 12: Sine Die

GVP Bills

Bill Policy Status
SHB 1010 Confiscated Crime Guns Scheduled for Executive Session in L&J 2/20
HB 1315 CPL Safety Training Referred to Rules 2 review
HB 1374 Restoration of Local Authority Heard in CR&J 1/21
HB 2240 Concerning High-Capacity Magazines Rules Committee relieved of further consideration. Placed on second reading. 2/10
HB 2305 Vulnerable Adult Protection Orders First reading, referred to L&J
HB 2519 Ammunition Regulation Heard in CR&J 1/21
HB 2569 Bail/Firearms Offenses Scheduled for Public Safety 2/4
HB 2590 DUI – Temp Restriction after 2nd First reading, referred to CR&J
HB 2622 Contempt/OTSW Violation First reading, referred to L&J
HB 2623 Prohib – Violent Misdemeanors Passed off House floor 56:41:1
SB 5434 Keep Kids Safe First reading, referred to CR&J
SB 6307 Threats to Commit Mass Violence Passed to Rules Committee for second reading
SB 6288 Office of Firearm Violence Prevention Passed off Senate floor 25:23:1
SB 6077 Concerning high-capacity magazines Passed to Rules Committee for second reading
SB 6163 Persons free on bond or personal recognizance Passed to Rules Committee for second reading
SB 6294 CPL safety training Passed to Rules Committee for second reading

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  • Crosscut: 1.16.20 – Washington voters support limits on high-capacity gun magazines — but lawmakers still may not act
  • Associated Press: 1.22.20 – Washington legislature tackles list of gun bills
  • KUOW: 1.22.20 – Grief and furor as gun violence victims and gun rights advocates descend on Olympia
  • Seattle PI: 1.22.20 – AG Ferguson goes after ‘ghost guns’; gun laws debated in Olympia
  • The News Tribune: 1.22.20 – Victims’ parents, gun rights advocates lobby legislators on high-capacity magazines

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