2018 Candidate Endorsements


The Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund is proud to endorse gun responsibility candidates in legislative, municipal and federal races. This is the fourth year that the Alliance has endorsed candidates who support commonsense laws that balance gun rights with responsibility.

“Gun responsibility is a consensus viewpoint in our state and Washingtonians deserve a gun responsibility majority that reflects their views,” said Renée Hopkins, CEO of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility. “The best way to strengthen our gun laws, is by electing more leaders who listen to their communities and support policies that we know will save lives. The need for a gun responsibility majority became even more clear during the 2018 legislative session. It’s no longer enough to just vote in favor of gun responsibility bills. Washingtonians need leaders who will champion these policies and push to ensure they get hearings and floor votes, and ultimately become law.”

The Alliance will be making more endorsements for the 2018 primary and general election in the coming months.