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Gun Violence is Preventable.

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility works to end the gun violence crisis in our community and to promote a culture of gun ownership that balances rights with responsibilities. Through collaboration with experts, civic leaders, and citizens, we work to find evidenced-based solutions to the crisis of gun violence in our community. We create innovative policy, advocate for changes in laws, and promote community education to reduce gun violence.

Our Vision: A community safe from the devastating consequences of gun violence.

Gun responsibility has become a national priority since the tragedy at Sandy Hook, and the Alliance for Gun Responsibility has been a major driver of that change in Washington State and around the nation. In just a few short years, we’ve accomplished the following:

  • Leading a statewide coalition of citizens and supporters to pass Initiative 1491, creating Extreme Risk Protection Orders that save lives and prevent tragedies, and Initiative 594, America’s first ballot initiative that closed the background check loophole for gun sales.
  • Helping to protect Seattle’s landmark tax on firearm and ammunition sales, which funds critical programs and tools supporting the welfare of the people of Seattle.
  • Advocating for, and protecting, stronger gun laws in the Legislature, including Extreme Risk Protection Orders, Child Access Prevention, suicide prevention, and more.
  • Funding critical research into the causes and consequences of firearm death and injury.
  • Conducting public education campaigns that inform the public on the importance of gun responsibility.

Gun violence is preventable – if we work together to prevent it. The Alliance for Gun Responsibility provides paths to take action that saves lives.

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility includes three separate organizations:

  • a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization;
  • a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization known as the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Foundation
  • a Political Action Committee (PAC) known as the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund.

These sister organizations are governed by separate boards, and manage the organization’s public education, advocacy, and political giving programs, respectively.

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