February 3, 2017 News

Lawmakers, Inslee Push for More Statewide Gun Measures

Peninsula Daily News

Alexis Myers of the Associated Press reported on the biggest push yet in the Legislature for Dangerous Access Prevention and Enhanced Assault Weapons Background Checks:

“Gov. Jay Inslee and state lawmakers are pushing to pass legislation that would force people to store their guns safely and would fix what some call a loophole in the current law, which makes it easier to get an assault weapon than a handgun.

At the news conference, Inslee said “these bills simply ask Washingtonians to be responsible for their firearms.”

Deputy prosecuting attorney Adam Cornell, told the group his worst day out of the 15 years working in Snohomish County was when he arrived at the scene where a 19-year-old, Allen C. Ivanov, shot and killed three of his former high school classmates at a house party in Mukilteo last year.

Authorities say Ivanov opened fire with an AR-15-style rifle he had just purchased. Ivanov pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to life in prison.

‘That shooting, those murders,’ he paused and said, ‘Occurred in a span of less than 35 seconds … Assault weapons are the most efficient killers of people that we have in our communities.'”

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