May 10, 2017 News

KUOW: “Lie and Try” To Buy A Gun, Police And Victims Will Now Get Notification

KUOW’s Austin Jenkins reports on new consequences for prohibited persons who “lie and try” to buy guns, thanks to House Bill 1501:

“Gun dealers in Washington state will soon be required to report when someone tries to buy a gun and fails a background check. Gov. Jay Inslee signed that requirement into law Wednesday as part of a crackdown on prohibited gun buyers.

In 2010, [Courtney] Weaver was shot in the face by her then-boyfriend in California. She lives in fear of the day he gets out of prison in 2019 and said she wants to know if he ever tries to buy a gun.

‘It would be the surest sign, be the surest way to predict what he was going to do next,’ Weaver said.

Would-be gun buyers fail a background check in Washington state about 4,000 times a year. In 2015, more than half of those denied buyers had been convicted of a crime or had a restraining order against them.”

Listen to the full story here.

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