February 7, 2017 News

King Co. Prosecutor Seeks Crackdown on Denied Gun Buyers


KING5 reported on one prosecutor's support for key legislation that will help police follow up on denied firearms purchases:

“The prosecutor in Washington state’s most-populated county is calling on police agencies to investigate people who try to buy guns when they are legally prohibited from owning them.

‘They’ve shown an intent to get a gun, even when the law says they can’t have one. I want to know why that person is trying to get the gun,’ said Dan Satterberg

The prosecutor supports legislation recently introduced in the state legislature. House Bill 1501 would give the duty of investigating denied firearms purchases to the Washington State Patrol.

The bill’s prime sponsor, state Rep. Drew Hansen, D-Bainbridge Island, says victims of domestic violence in particular should know if their abuser tried to buy a gun.

‘Maybe I just want to know so I can take a different route to work than usual. Maybe I stay at a family member’s house for a week. Maybe I purchase my own firearm and take some self-defense training,’ said Hansen, explaining how a domestic violence victim could benefit from his proposal.”

Watch the full story at KING5.