February 2, 2017 News

Gun Shop Owners Call Firearm Safety Bills in Legislature “Common Sense”


Q13Fox's Annie Andrews checked in with gun store owners, employees and patrons, and found support for gun responsibility measures in the Legislature:

Gun safety bills proposed in Olympia are mostly common sense, gun shop owners in Bow, Wash., said

Hanson and employee Dave Bates said the law proposed in Olympia banning the sale of semi-automatic rifles to anyone under 21 wouldn’t have much impact at All American Armory.

They both agree in stiff penalties for guns not locked up.

‘One-hundred percent should be locked up,’ said Hanson.

A bill making an education class mandatory before the purchase of a semi-automatic rifle is common sense, he added.

‘To drive a car, to get married, to go hunting, to go fishing, to drive a boat now in Washington state, you have to take a test and prove that you’re going to be safe with that thing,’ said Hanson. ‘So, I don’t really see anything wrong with a safety course of some sort for guns.’

‘I hope they (the bills) pass,’ said Charleen Spaeth, shopping at the Burlington Target.”

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