January 13, 2017 News

Editorial: If Lawmakers Won’t Adopt Gun Safety Bills, Put Them to Voters

The Everett Herald editorial board called on the Legislature to pass urgent gun responsibility bills like Dangerous Access Prevention and Enhanced Assault Weapon Background Checks, and said voters should have the chance to act if the Legislature won't.

“The passage of firearms-related initiatives — the universal background check, I-594, in 2014 and extreme risk protection orders, I-1491, last fall — demonstrates the level of popular support in Washington state for reasonable gun safety measures.

That should give lawmakers confidence this session to adopt firearms-related legislation that has been proposed by state Attorney General Bob Ferguson and lawmakers, including Rep. Ruth Kagi, D-Shoreline.

[T]his shouldn’t be controversial as it would simply place these weapons under the requirements that already exist for hand guns.

At the minimum, the Legislature this session should adopt requirements for assault-style semi-automatic weapons that already apply to other firearms.”

Read the full editorial here, and learn more about our entire 2017 Policy Agenda here.

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