October 18, 2016 News

The Tacoma News Tribune Endorses Initiative 1491

The editorial board of the Tacoma News Tribune writes in their editorial in support of Initiative 1491:

In the wake of each American gun tragedy, politicians trot out well-rehearsed speeches that include prayers for the families and promises to double down on mental health care and gun violence. But the truth is, Congress and most Legislatures have done little to prevent this epidemic.

Blame partisan politics and well-funded lobbyists for stunting reform efforts and allowing common-sense gun bills to stall. This year’s state House Bill 2461, establishing protection orders to keep guns out of the picture when people are at extreme risk, never even made it to a committee vote.

Concerned citizens realize that if common-sense gun laws are to be enacted, they must come directly from the people. Enter state Initiative 1491, which allows for extreme-risk protection orders.

. . .

In 2014, Washington voters approved Initiative 594 to finally close the “gun show loophole” and require background checks for all gun sales. The measure won with 60 percent of the vote.

Initiative 1491 deserves the same outcome.

Read the full endorsement here.