2016 Gun Responsibility Scorecard

Continuing Spotlight on Gun Responsibility in Olympia

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility has been hard at work in Olympia advocating for responsible legislation — and for helping Washingtonians express the need for responsible gun policies. As a service to voters, we have launched our 2016 Gun Responsibility Scorecard.

Last year, we released the first-ever gun responsibility scorecard in Washington State, allowing voters to hold legislators accountable for their positions on policies that keep guns out of dangerous hands. Now that the 2016 Legislative Session has come to an end, we’re releasing a new scorecard where you can find information about how your state senators and representatives voted on gun responsibility policies.

To find out how your legislators voted, click here to read the full Gun Responsibility Scorecard. And remember to share the Gun Responsibility Scorecard with your friends!

How Did We Create the 2016 Scorecard?

Legislative leadership is more than just taking votes, which is why our 2016 legislator scores again include evaluations on priority gun responsibility legislation, bill sponsorship, and legislative and community advocacy. Also included are votes and sponsorship on bills to increase community safety and responsibility, including sponsoring or voting for bills which increase safety and against bills which move our state in the wrong direction.


  • HB 1448/SB 5781: Response to Suicide Threats (Support)
  • HB 2419: Firearm Conviction Database (Support)
  • HB 2793/SB 6603: Suicide Prevention (Support)
  • HB 2460/SB 6351: Restoration of Local Authority (Support)
  • HB 2372: Destruction of Firearms (Support)
  • HB 2374: Ammo Fee – Local Public Safety (Support)
  • HB 1774/SB 5789, 6310: Child Access Prevention (Support)
  • HB 2461, 1857/SB 6352, 5727: Extreme Risk Protection Orders (Support)
  • HB 2603: Temp. Restrictions for Invol. Commitment (Support)

Scores also reflect legislative and community advocacy – points (positive and negative) reflecting the degree to which legislators advocated for gun responsibility in committee, amongst colleagues, on the floor, and in Caucus, and how deeply legislators engaged with constituents, community groups and Alliance for Gun Responsibility partners to work towards greater gun responsibility.

We have also added a new item to our scorecard this year, a “roadblock” graphic, to make sure you know not only which legislators fought hard for responsible policies, but also those who blocked our legislative priorities from passing through the legislature.

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